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Sam Opens Up Over Bachelor Split

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After the finale of The Bachelor last week, everyone is wondering what made Blake Garvey and Sam Frost split up.

Blake opened up about it on The Project last night “It’s hard because I do love Sam. She’s just a beautiful person”.

Sam revealed that after the proposal, the couple stayed in South Africa… but Blake was a bit “switched off” … and five weeks later, Blake ended things. He said “We met up in person and just talked over it and as anyone would in that situation, when you have that time and you feel it’s not quite right you have to listen to your heart”.

Sam said she was SUPER annoyed labelling Blake “a jackass”.

The Project Bachelor Interview

Sam took to instagram to thank Australia for their love and support “I read every comment, and you guys have helped me get through a pretty humiliating experience by always putting a smile on my face! Now it’s time to move on to bigger & better things.”

When Carrie Bickmore asked Blake whether he had feelings for someone else, he said “It’s not about that right now, it’s about the fact that my heart is broken.”

What do you think? Reckon he has fallen for someone else? 

Tags: The Bachelor, Blake Garvey

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