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The Block’s Shannon & Simon: From Sperm Bank to Riches

What They Would Do For Cash

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The Block’s Shannon & Simon Vos won this years The Block Glasshouse taking home $335,000 profit for their Prahran apartment which sold for $1.9 mill ($100,000 prize money). A fair jump from their regular income…

Fellow contestants Chris and Jenna Susetio profited well selling their property for $1.81 mill ($310,000 profit). However, remaining couples weren’t too happy… Max and Karstan profited $40K, Michael and Carlene $10K - the same amount for Deanne and Darren

When Shannon & Simon spoke to Jules, Merrick and Sophie earlier in the month it was revealed Shannon was struggling with cash during his 10 years of travelling - he admitted to following up a Sperm Bank advertisement when he was in the US.

Shannon saw the ad in the paper, “Fifty. Fifty US dollars. And at the time, I think it was 50 cents parity, 50 cents to the dollar, so like 100 bucks when you’re backpacking!”. 

However, he blew the opportunity after stage fright struck. “I didn’t want to. It was awkward.” 

Sophie spoke to the boys since the revelation...  "At least you don't have to goto the sperm bank for more money"... Shannon replied "and if I do I should be getting more than $100 bucks!"

Congrats boys!

What did you think of this years The Block final?


@shannonandsimon tell their #spermbank story! Wowwwwweeee #2dayfmbreakfast

Tags: Shannon & Simon, The Block, The Catch Up, 2DayFM Breakfast

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