Posted: 21 October, 2014 by Christian Hull

The Simpsons Appear As Other Famous Cartoon Characters

In the latest Simpsons Episode, the family all appear as different characters from other famous cartoons, and it is amazing!

Last night, this amazing clip aired in the latest Simpsons episode...

Well this just happened on The Simpsons

The cameo starts with 3D Simpsons (possibly Pixar related, given Homer is voiced by the animation studio's go-to actor John Ratzenberger).

Then the family appear as differewnt anime characters:

    Homer as Roronoa Zoro / "Pirate Hunter Zoro" from One Piece
    Marge as Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach
    Bart as Naruto, Maggie as Pikachu from Pokemon
    Lisa as Mikasa from Attack on Titan
    Santa's Little Helper as Shenron from Dragon Ball Z the dragon form of Haku from Spirited Away

And then come the rest of them:

    Adventure Time (in this world, Princess Bubblegum does end up with the Ice King)
    South Park (Maggie is Canadian)
    Archer (Sterling is looking a bit... older... in this incarnation)
    The work of Sylvain Chomet (Triplets of Belleville) who previously did this couch gag
    Despicable Me (as Gru's minions, sans Gru)
    The Island of Dr. Hibbert from "Treehouse of Horror XIII"

Amazing! Do you think the creators are having a little dig at all of the cartoons?

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