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Big Brother's Lawson Attacks Ryan Over Fake Rumour

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Gloves are off between Big Brother's controversial housemate Lawson and ex-housemate from 2012 Ryan Buckingham, according to Behind Big Brother website.

Buckingham, last month, wrote on his personal Facebook page that he'd received an inside tip that Lawson's girlfriend Candice would be going into the house after Lawson started hooking up with Cat inside the house.

Behind Big Brother reports that Ryan sent a tweet to Lawson to explain himself over the rumour.

Buckingham wrote "hope you didn't mind my porkpie," to which Lawson hit back tweeting "was that you who made that rumour? Pretty f..ked really..."

This was followed by a tweet from housemate from this year Gemma revealing her support to Lawson.

"oooooooh you tell him lawson," she wrote on Twitter.

Ryan then followed up his initial tweet by saying that he didn't mean anything by what he said.

Unknown at the time by Ryan, Sonia Kruger had confirmed that show producers had tried to contact Candice to send her into the house to confront Lawson, but hadn't answered her phone.


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