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Cat's Message to Lawson's GF

Unapologetic Over Love Tryst

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Cat, the woman behind the Big Brother love rat scandal, isn't apologising for being "the other woman" inside the house!

Speaking to Jules, Merrick and Sophie, Cat said, "It's about being honest to who I am and what's going on at the time. These were real feelings two people had about one another and it just so happened to be filmed."

"I can't regret anything that was a positive experience... There was people who got hurt and I'm obviously so sorry about that but in the end I got so much personal growth out of it that I personally can't regret it"

Cat declared the public outcry and media attention over the saga wasn't going to phase her and Lawson, "We faced a lot of it in the house as well, there was a lot of people in the house with varying opinions and people weren't shy about telling us those opinions so I mean what we faced in the house we knew was going to experienced outside the house ten fold"

Given the fact it was a double eviction last night, fellow Big Brother evictee Aisha called out Clawson saying "I definitely didn't try to hide the way I felt about their situation. I've gone through my own things in the past so for me to see it happening right in front of me, this poor girl (Candice) doesn't have a voice I always thought it was quite wrong and I never tried to hide that".

When asked if she would ever have to explain her actions to Lawson's former girlfriend Candice Cat said, "I think it's unrealistic I'd ever be put in that situation to talk to Candice. I think Lawson definitely has a chance to chat to her but I don't see why she would ever talk to me, and if she did, that's between us." "Whatever he (Lawson) has with Candice is between the two of them. I can't interfere with that and he'll let me know either way what's going on and I respect that"

That's big of her not to interfere... we assume she's forgetting the fact she's been hooking up with Lawson the past three weeks?

When Lawson spoke to 2DayFM’s Jules, Merrick & Sophie he said of his (ex) girlfriend Candice "I don't think that relationship (with Candice) will continue... I couldn't ever look any of her family in the eye.

Walking down the street my face is going to be one that's known and hers isn't and they're only ever going to think that she's the idiot that stayed with the goose”. 

He admitted "So far I have tried to make contact but understandably she is not ready to speak to me. Look she needs time and however much time that is, is up to her”.

Sophie Monk probed him asking, "What would you say to her (Candice) when you speak to her?"

"Great question. All I can say is that I'm sorry and she'll obviously have a lot of things to say to me. What else can I say? She's watched the show. I don't have to explain anything because she knows it all." said Lawson.

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