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Lawson's Message to Ex-Girlfriend

Controversial Big Brother Evictee's Next Move

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One of the most controversial housemates of Big Brother 2014 has been evicted… Lawson!

For those who don’t know, Lawson is the housemate who hooked up with Cat even though he was in a long term relationship with Candice on the outside.

Lawson told Sonia Kruger that he’s pretty sure he’s dumped… 

Lawson admitted to Jules, Merrick and Sophie that his relationship with his girlfriend Candice is well and truly over.

"I don't think that relationship (with Candice) will continue... I couldn't ever look any of her family in the eye. Walking down the street my face is going to be one that's known and hers isn't and they're only ever going to think that she's the idiot that stayed with the goose"

After being evicted last night he's attempted to get in touch with his girlfriend with no success, "So far I have tried to make contact but understandably she is not ready to speak to me. Look she needs time and however much time that is, is up to her"

Lawson admitted things weren't smooth sailing before going into the Big Brother house. "Every relationship has its ups and its down and we had both of those... about 5 years we've been together which is a very long time." "I think we had a lot of problems to hash out and sort out and I think we ran out of time with Big Brother coming up and just decided that we don't have enough time to sort out our problems and we were going to have to do that once I got out and obviously it's played out the way it's played out"

Sophie probed him asking, "What would you say to her (Candice) when you speak to her?"

"Great question. All I can say is that I'm sorry and she'll obviously have a lot of things to say to me. What else can I say? She's watched the show. I don't have to explain anything because she knows it all." said Lawson.

Sophie then followed up with "So do you (still) love Candice?"

"I'll always love Candice her and I have been through a lot of things together with losing my mum and a whole lot of other things. I will always have that love for her and always care for her which might be hard to understand or appreciate." "It's something that I'll have to life with forever, breaking someone's heart that never deserved that. She's been dragged into something that I signed my life away for and she didn't and unfortunately I have to deal with that" 

Lawson did however laugh off his "love rat" nickname that he's been labelled with in the media "It's a good nickname (laughs) what else do we have if we can't laugh?"


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