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Racist Aussies Confronted In Eye-Opening New Show

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A bunch of Aussies were forced to question their racist opinions of Aboriginal people in a confronting social experiment.

Airing tonight, First Contact is a new SBS documentary that takes six non-Indigenous people from different walks of life and immerses them into Aboriginal Australia for the first time.

One participant called Sandy thought Aboriginal people were a bunch of drunks who party a lot and don’t work very hard.

“If you think that’s racist, I don’t f***ing care,” she said.

Another, Bo-dene, said they get a free ride.

Hosted by veteran journalist Ray Martin, who warns them that it won’t be an easy journey, there are some shocking surprises along the way, with someone even walking out on the show.

But after four weeks of intense experiences and testing their limits, including being stripsearched and jailed in a prison full of Indigenous inmates, the participants come out the other end with a whole new view on the challenges Aboriginal people face.

“I had some pretty strong prejudices to be honest which were totally based on ignorance and taking a lot of things on face value without questioning things,” another participant called Trent said.

First Contact premieres tonight Tuesday 18 November at 8:30pm on SBS ONE & NITV but you can watch a sneak peak below. The documentary continues Wednesday 19 November and Thursday 20th November 8.30pm.


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Tags: Scoopla, TV, Aboriginal, Racist, Documentary, SBS

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