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The Real Reason 'Packed to the Rafters' Ended in 2013

Revealed: The Real Reason The Show Ended

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Channel Seven’s head of production Brad Lyons has revealed the reason why TV show ‘Packed to the Rafters’ ended in 2013 after six seasons. 

“We would never have wanted not to do Rafters continually but as actors they (Gibney and Thomson) want to grow” said Lyons. 

There was speculation the show ended due to younger cast members leaving the show and lower ratings however the real reason was because main stars Rebecca Gibney and Erik Thomson wanted to presume new tv ventures.

“If we ever felt like we were losing too many cast members, we needed to end on a high” said Gibney. 

Gibney recently confirmed to TV Week her new show ‘Winter’ would air soon which is a take on her crime telemovie ‘The Killing Field’.

Thomson will air in a new show ‘800 Words’ which will be a similar tone to ‘Packed to the Rafters’ Seven programmer Angus Ross has stated “If you think this show has a bit of the same feel and vibe as Packed to the Rafters, you’re dead right — and we make no apologies for that”.

At the peak of Rafters’ success it was pulling an audience of over 2 million. 

Seven CEO Tim Worner said “We would love them to work again together and they probably would love to too”.


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Tags: Packed to the Rafters, Erik Thomson, Rebecca Gibney

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