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Anaconda Man Reveals What It Was Like To Be ‘Eaten Alive’ By The Giant Snake

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It’s the documentary that caused world-wide outrage and now the man behind it has shared his experience of the shocking experiment.

In the Discovery Channel special Eaten Alive, which is set to air this Sunday December 7 in the US (trailer below), Paul Rosolie wears a custom-made suit and is swallowed by an Anaconda.

Once word of the dangerous stunt got out, animal rights organisations were up in arms and it left everyone wondering how he would survive!

Although he couldn’t say much, Rosolie revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly enough to help us make sense of the crazy experiment... or at least try! Here are some of the best bits from the interview:

My understanding is there was a lot of wrestling with you and the snake — like, she tried to crush you several times.

The snake did not want want to eat me, at first. She wasn’t interested. But once I showed myself as a predator and she got spooked, then she defended herself. She nailed me right in the face and the last thing I saw was her mouth wide open before everything went black. And then she wrapped me and I felt the suit cracking and my arms ripping out of their sockets. It was absolutely terrifying.

So how long did that go on?

It was over an hour. Once they have you, they do not let go.   

Now Discovery has been vague about how far you get inside the snake. How far do you get?

I can tell you that the thing beat the s**t out of me and constricted me. As for as actual consumption went, I’m not allowed to say.

So hypothetically, once you got entirely inside a snake, what would you have done in there?

The plan was once she got to my waist, they’d pull me back out — that’s partly for my safety, partly for the snake’s. Because once she got past my waist it would be difficult for me to get pulled out.  

Personally, once my head is beyond a snake’s mouth, I’d feel eaten.

Yeah, that was everybody’s benchmark — if your head goes in, that’s a major success. Some were like, “You gotta let it go to your ankles!” I didn’t want to rip my whole body out of the snake. I was trying to protect myself and the snake.

What happened to this particular snake?

Alive and well. Trust me, I’m much worse off. She beat the s**t out of me.

So why did he do it? To raise awareness for the disappearing Amazon apparently. Well he certainly got everyone talking about it!

Eaten Alive airs on the Discovery Channel this Sunday December 7 in the US but so far no announcement has been made for an Australian air date. You can check out the trailer below. 

Eaten Alive Sneak Peek | Sun Dec 7 9/8c on Discovery

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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