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The Bachelor's Blake Slams 'Attention Seeking, Lying' Sam Frost

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It was one of the biggest bombshells of 2014, and it's not over just yet.

The Bachelor's Blake has shot back at Sam Frost after an interview she did with Cleo magazine.

Frost said that she was dumped after Garvey had a meeting with the show producers.

"We went from having a chat about what to expect after the finale aired to Blake saying, 'I want to break up with Sam'," Frost told Cleo.

Garvey has taken to Twitter to slam Frost, saying that she is just an attention seeker.

"Just read some lies about me in Cleo. One day the truth will come out. In the meantime, ppl need to stop using my name to get attention," he tweeted.

He also said that she's "lying to defame & gain attention."

Meanwhile, Frost told the magazine that she was humilated after the very public split.

"I lost myself, I lost my cool. I was emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and I cracked," she revealed.

Garvey had previously told Woman's Day magazine that he'd broken up with Sam because of his growing feelings for fellow contestant Louise Pillidge.

"What ... didn’t end (after the taping) was the love I felt for Lou and as much as I tried to file it away, it kept growing," he said.

"It wasn’t fair to carry on with everything. It wasn’t fair to Sam, and while she didn’t know it, it wasn’t fair to Lou, or myself. We had interviews booked, it was about to be announced on television that Sam and I were engaged and I just didn’t feel the romantic love I was supposed to."

Tags: The Bachelor, Sam Frost, Blake Garvey

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