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The Project’s Kitty Flanagan Slammed Over Santa Gaffe

WARNING: This Content Is Not Appropriate For Children

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The Project has been forced to apologise after social media went into overdrive over guest Kitty Flanagan’s comments about Santa last night.

WARNING: This content is not appropriate for children!

During her regular spot discussing hot topics on last night's show, and without warning, the comedian declared not once, but twice, that Santa doesn’t exist.

“Oh sorry — spoiler alert,” she said afterwards.

“If you have kids in the room, you should probably have covered their ears and gone ‘la, la, la!’ or something.”

Considering the Channel Ten show airs at 6.30pm, it’s safe to say there would have been many awkward family conversations around the country.

And it didn’t take long for families to vent their anger on social media.

The Projects’s Facebook page was also bombarded with complaints, which seemed to fire up the supporters…

“Get a life. Kids should not be watching it, it’s not a children’s show,” commenter Carol Cole wrote.

The popular show issued an apology on their Facebook page and Twitter, labelling the comments “unplanned” and promising a live cross to the North Pole to speak to Santa tonight.

Dear Mums and Dads,

Last night’s comments by Kitty were completely unplanned and we unreservedly apologise for upsetting our family viewers.

Last night was Kitty’s final performance for the year on The Project but neither she nor our show would intentionally offend kids like this just before Christmas.

Tonight we will be crossing to Santa in the North Pole so he can clear up any confusion for our younger viewers.

Best regards,
The Project

Flanagan was a popular long-time casual guest and her decision to leave The Project was reportedly made before the Santa gaffe.

You can watch the awkward moment here.

And this isn't the first time the show has come under fire over controversial comments… in October guest Mia Freedman was slammed for comparing gay people to paedophiles.


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