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EXCLUSIVE: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Brother Australia

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Big Brother Australia is off to a cracking start so we thought it would be fun to fill you in on some awesome facts about the show that you probably didn’t know…


Approximately 13,000 people registered to be in the House this year, but only 16 made the cut.


It’s the second most Tweeted about TV trend, having trended worldwide 55 times and with nearly 4 million #BBAU interactions - talk about Tweeting up a storm! 


It puts even the most dedicated bingers to shame, with 73 million page views and 20 million video streams, making it the most binged TV show. 


The cameras do not miss a thing, with 50 cameras permanently monitoring the House:
Six are on movable pedestals and one is on railsTwenty “hothead” cameras are on remotely-controlled pan and tilt headsThere are twelve fixed cameras set up to shoot wide shots of rooms and sections of the gardenThere are six zero lux (infrared) cameras to record bedrooms at night


The Housemates better watch what they say, there are 92 microphones used in the House. These include Housemates’ individual radio microphones and others hidden throughout the House and garden.


Over 11,000 hours of footage is recorded throughout the series, with at least 7 hours of Big Brother broadcast each week (equivalent to three feature films a week).


Producers have a tough gig: they’ve got just 12 hours to edit 24 hours’ worth offootage for the Daily Show, 6 days a week.


Just because you don’t seem them, doesn’t mean they’re not there - more than 300 crew work across the entire Big Brother production.

Tags: Scoopla, Big Brother, Big Brother Australia

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