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Keith From The Block's Cross Dressing Confession

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Nine Publicity

He’s known as “The Blockinator” and cracks the whip on The Block worksite, but Keith the Foreman has a soft side!

“I am the softest marshmallow. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter and they totally own me.”

Despite not being able to remember the last time he cried, he admitted his daughter’s rule the roost, “I do a lot of cooking. I get the apron on every now and then… I love making cupcakes with my 4 year old daughter”

If the wasn’t enough then Jules asked “Do your daughters ever put makeup on you or dress you up in dresses?”

Keith coyly responded… “Yes. Not dresses. I’ve been a dummy (though) I’ve had plenty of makeup on me!”

We couldn’t believe THIS photo…

Artist's Impression

As for underperforming contestants on The Block Glasshouse, Keith lined up Chris in his sights.  “If I was working with him in real life I would’ve sacked him after half an hour. He doesn’t work! I kept finding Chris in the bloody café around the corner”.

Tags: The Block, Keith, The Blockinator

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