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Why ‘The Block’ Prefers Melbourne Over Sydney

Two More Seasons To Be Filmed In Melbourne

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Channel Nine

You may have noticed that The Block has been avoiding Sydney for a while… now we know why.

The renovation show has been a hit for Channel Nine but despite starting in Sydney, the last three seasons, including the current Glasshouse season, were filmed in Melbourne.


“It’s not about Sydney versus Melbourne,” The Block executive producer Julian Cress said.

“Sydney is simply not a cheap place to buy property and the opportunities we’ve been interested in are prohibitively priced.”

The Block recently purchased a property in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra and another in Albert Park, so at least the next two seasons will be filmed there. 

2013 was the last time that Scott Cam, Shelley Craft and The Block crew were in Sydney for the All Stars series in Tamarama, but the market has only gotten more expensive since then.

The Block All Stars in 2013. Source:

Cress also found it harder to get Sydney neighbours on board, with a much bigger culture of NIMBYism, or “not in my backyard” attitude.

“Last time we were there, the neighbours organised protests and lodged objections with the council the moment they heard we were coming,” he said.

“By the end, they were thrilled with the result and loved the TV production experience. We won them over, but it took a long time.”

“We don’t find that sort of anger in Melbourne. We get a warm welcome from the get-go.”

Ouch that's a bit harsh! So sorry Sydney-siders, it looks like The Block won’t be coming to a town near you any time soon.


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