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Super Bowl Commercial Pulled Over Puppy Cruelty Claims

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One of America's biggest sporting events is creeping closer, and we're starting to see some of the commercials that will air during the Super Bowl.


GoDaddy have pulled the commercial off YouTube after facing massive backlash against the advert.

CEO of GoDaddy, Blake Irving, tweeted the following.


But there's one ad with an unexpected twist that is causing an uproar on social media sites.

The commercial features puppies.  You can't go wrong with puppies right?  Some people beg to differ.

Bailey on Facebook responded to advert saying "Heartless!! I will never do business with you ever."

"Most disgusting ad I have seen.  I run a dog rescue and this just sickens me.  I will never use Go Daddy again.  You haven't got a clue how angry so many animal lovers will boycott," Kathy commented.

Meanwhile, James wrote "She's a dog breeder.  It's her job to sell dog's. It's a funny commercial. Lighten up guys... Jeeze."

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