Posted: 10 January, 2015 by Rhiannon

Gotham Star Uses Poison Ivy For Sibling-Control!

Now that's 'toxic' behaviour...

Tags: Gotham, Batman, DC Comics, Poison Ivy, Clare Foley


Gotham star Clare Foley has come up with a pretty special weapon when it comes to keeping her little brother in line!

The 13-year-old, who plays future supervillain Poison Ivy on last year's hit show Gotham, has convinced her youngest brother Declan that she is truly Batman's nemesis.

Their mum says Declan, 4 – the youngest of Clare's four brothers – was so frightened at one point they had to reasssure him that his big sister was the “good Ivy”.

Sadly, it's not as effective on her older siblings. As Batman fans, her older brothers think  it's “very cool” she landed the role, but Clare told AP they realise “I'm just their sister”.

In the show, young Ivy Pepper is made homeless after her father is framed for the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, setting the stage for her future revenge-attempts against the Dark Knight.

"We are seeing the beginning of that relationship," Clare says. We can't wait for the show to come back this year!

Tags: Gotham, Batman, DC Comics, Poison Ivy, Clare Foley

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