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OMFG Did The Bachelorette Just Accidentally Give Away The Biggest Spoiler Yet?!

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There's a possibility The Bachelorette have slipped up BIG TIME and totally given away who the final two contestants are... WARNING: Spoiler alert! 

Sam's been doing an excellent job at keeping hush and not letting us know who her new beau is, but we can't exactly say the same thing about the producers... 

It seems that old teasers of the show may reveal who the final two bachelors are! 

It was confirmed earlier this week that Sam only takes the final two to New Zealand for a romantic getaway. However, old teasers show only bachelors Michael and Richie living it up overseas. 

Daily Mail Australia has confirmed that the date with Michael shown above was shot at the Polynesian Spa in New Zealand's Rotorua. 

Here, Richie and Sam are seen together in heavy ski gear, on a snowy mountain top. And while there is no confirmation that this image of the couple is taken in New Zealand, we know that this scene has yet to be aired and that New Zealand is an extremely popular skiing destination, especially in July when these scenes were filmed.  

Meanwhile, poor Sash only seems to appear in a date filmed in Australia!

This seems like a massive "OH SH*T" moment for the producers of the show if you ask me... 

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