Posted: 29 October, 2015

Sasha Bought Sam WHAT For Christmas?!

Holy WOW that looks expensive!

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Sasha has apparently bought Sam an early Christmas present... and he did NOT cheap out! Okay, you two... WE GET IT, you're loved up as hell! 

Yesterday Sasha uploaded a photo to his Instagram captioned "Bought Sam an early Christmas present... she hates it! Haha"

Now, let's just take a quick look at what that present is... 

Bought Sam an early Christmas present...she hates it! Haha @fro01

What Animated GIF

We know that Sam and Sash are definitely a playful pair, but, surely if this was a joke they would've told us by now! We also know that Sam hasn't driven her old Hyundai in MONTHS. According to her, it's just parked in the street gathering dust. 

Ah well, I guess all we can do is wait to see if we can spot Sam driving around in her new Camero. 

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