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Which Celebrity Has Admitted He Cries During Downton Abbey?

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Turns out we're not the only ones who have fallen victim to the British drama series' emotional wrath. An A-grade celebrity and multi-millionaire businessman has shared his weakness... 

Rapper P Diddy has described himself as a "big fan" of ITV's Downton Abbey. 


"I'm interested in history, Kings and Lords," he told BAFTA. "I watched one episode and got wrapped up in it." 

But, exactly which part made Diddy blubber like a baby? 

"When Matthew Crawley died it was straight tears in my house. His plight as an outsider coming in, being hit with a fortune and having to figure it out, reminded me of myself." 

Puff didn't take the death lightly at all... we just want you to know that he wrote an angry letter to the creators, stating that it was "uncalled for and stressful". 

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