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Could You Imagine A Life Without Matthew Perry On Friends? It Could Have Happened!

It's a world we just don't want to think about...

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Chandler Bing could have been very, very different to the comical Friends character we know and love!


Friend’s star Matthew Perry has revealed he almost turned down the role of Chandler Bing. Why? He wanted to play a futuristic baggage handler. Well, naturally...

Yep, it turns out the comedian was a bit attached to a pilot called “LAX 2194” which is a show (surprisingly) set at LAX in 2194.

The TV star appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers this week and revealed he almost chose the show which followed baggage handlers working at Los Angeles International Airport in the year 2194 who sorted through alien’s luggage.

Thankfully for an entire generation, the show was scrapped, leaving Matthew free to work on his new project – a new show called “Friends”. 


While we’re so, so, glad the show didn’t take off – we’re equally glad that a trailer for the show still exists on YouTube!

It looks downright terrible... so we'd suggest you follow it with a Friends marathon to cleanse yourself!

LAX 2194 (Unsold TV Pilot) Kelly Hu Ryan Stiles

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