Posted: 25 February, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

My Kitchen Rules Underwear Model Attacks Show's Editing

Tags: My Kitchen Rules, MKR, Nikki Spehar

My Kitchen Rules contestant Nikki Spehar has lashed out at the shows editing after she was made out to be the villain.


The 20-year-old has spoken to New Limited, and told Confidential that "we are being portrayed as the villains.  It doesn't really show my best side."

"We knew they'd want some villains, and we expected it would be us."

Spehar also revealed that most of her comments have been made in a joking manner, but "you're there for a while talking, and it's honestly me messing around, then they cut it and it looks terrible."

She also says that she's friends with the other contestants such as Kitson and Wynne.

"They're lovely.  We are friends with them.  It's really funny watching it now.  You think 'Oh, that's a bit awkward'," she told Confidential.

Tags: My Kitchen Rules, MKR, Nikki Spehar

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