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Pregnancy Rumour Rocks My Kitchen Rules

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Australia's number one TV show is sure getting some tongues wagging for another season, and magazines around the country can't get enough.

But what is true, and what is complete fiction when it comes to My Kitchen Rules?

Ash Is Pregnant?

It's being reported that the Melbourne socialite is pregnant with her first child, and the rumours have even gone as far as to say that filming has been interrupted a number of times because of it.

It's even caught the other contestants by surprise when the "news" appeared early last week.

Well those rumours are completely false, however Ash is currently in a relationship.

Rob Hemsworth is dating someone from the show?

Is he dating the NSW cowboy's daughter, Lynzey?  Or has he struck a very close bond with 24-year-old mother Emilie?

Rob told News Limited that this couldn't be further from the truth.

"I’m not sure how I could have been dating Lynzey as we were in different groups," he said.

"And I’m not sure how I could have managed this considering we were not allowed to talk."

So what about Emilie?

"I was under the impression she had a partner and a young child, so again I’m not sure how they got this. She is a nice girl," Rob explains.

Rob says he's still a single man.

Cowboy Rob isn't married?

Another headline that popped up in a magazine over the past week, that is completely false.

Rob is happily married to a woman named Desley who he met in Alaska while backpacking.

The couple relocated from the US to NSW and have four children.

Eva is engaged?

Eva (on the left) from WA is actually engaged, so this one is totally true.

She hopes to marry her partner Andy next March.

My Kitchen Rules airs on Channel Seven, Sundays through to Thursday.

Tags: My Kitchen Rules, MKR

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