Posted: 13 February, 2015 by National News Team

What's In Part Two Of 'House Of Hancock' That Gina Rinehart Doesn't Want Australia To See?

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Gina Rinehart has taken the Nine Network to court, seeking early access to the second half of TV show House of Hancock.

The mining magnate's camp made an urgent application in the Supreme Court on Friday morning to hand over the second half of the two part drama before it is scheduled to air on Sunday night.

A decision will then be made if an injunction could be made to stop the episode from going to air.

After the first part of the series aired last Sunday, Hancock Prospecting Executive Director Tad Watroba said in a statement the dramatised relationship between Rinehart and her father Lang Hancock was "fictitious."

"I worked for Lang Hancock and have been with Mrs Rinehart's company Hancock Prospecting since 1991 so I have a good grasp on what actually took place."

I know the facts and this has turned out to be a tacky grab for ratings, damaging the memory of good Australians along the way."

The show was a ratings winner for Channel Nine last Sunday, as 1.38 million people tuned in.

House of Hancock: NEW in 2015

Tags: Gina Rinehart, House Of Hancock

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