Posted: 9 March, 2015 by Christian Hull

Angry Letter To Two Big Tv Networks Over Anti-Gay Ad

This aired during the Mardi Gras!

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This ad was designed to provoke the LBGTQI community on a night where they should be able to feel  totally free from judgement.

I WILL NOT, AND HAVE NOT embedded this commercial into this article. I will not link to it, and I hope you do not feel the need to see it. It is a poorly produced piece of work, it’s sole intention is to get maximum exposure and deliver a message of what I feel is hate toward the LBGTQI community, on the one weekend we celebrate them.

To give you an idea, the ad I’m angry about was broadcast over the Mardi Gras weekend. It’s message was that same-sex couples should not be parents. That children deserve a mother and a father.

As you can see I am pissed off. I am gay. I am 28. This is what I want to say to the commercial networks who aired this ad:

Dear you know who you are,

I am appalled and horrified that you chose to run an ad over the weekend, that told your audience that same sex parents shouldn’t exist. That children of same sex couples are worse off. That same sex parenting is wrong. You basically told children with same sex parents, that they are leading a lesser life than those with a mum and a dad.

Just when you think things are looking seemingly positive for the LBGTQI community, you do this. What I find shocking is this ad aired over the Mardi Gras weekend. A weekend that’s dedicated to promoting positivity for the LBGTQI community. A weekend where my friends can let there hair down and feel totally and utterly supported by Australia. Sure we understand there are people who do not agree with our lifestyle. We don’t associate with these people.

SBS aired the parade last night and did a bang up job. They explained each of the floats and what they stood for. Magda Szubanski, Tom Ballard and Patrick Abboud were outstanding hosts.

During the broadcast of the parade on SBS this “What about equality for kids?” ad was supposed to air. SBS decided that it would not show the ad and pulled it from broadcast. They didn’t show it. A decision which is a total no brainer. A decision that needs 2 seconds of thought to make. NO! We will not be promoting an ad that spreads hate. I want to say to SBS, thank you! 

You are Australia’s biggest commercial networks. You have a responsibility in what you broadcast. I can only assume that you are not part of the LBGTQI community, and that you didn’t think to consult someone in the LBGTQI community about the decision to air this ad. I am all for people having an opinion on an issue, but seriously, when your opinion is totally moronic and there are no facts to back it up…JUST GO AWAY!

Am I offended by this ad, YES, TOTALLY OFFENDED. What really makes me angry is that you took dollars over sense. You are an industry that has a huge amount of gay and lesbian employees, how do you think they feel.

While I am pretty sure your intention wasn’t to offend, this little over sight has sent a clear message to Australia. We still support intolerance. We still think it’s ok in 2015 to deny the  LBGTQI community of the rights they deserve.


If you want to spread love, I ask you this. Please put a float in the 2016 Mardi Gra, with your talent riding on top of it.

Much love!

PS. To those companies who participated in the Mardi Gras and who went out of their way to spread messages of love, I would like to say a huge thank you. We know who you are.

Tags: Scoopla, mardi gras

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