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MIRIAM: Where is she now?

Remember the reality show about Miriam, she was a transexual?

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Remember watching the reality show ‘There Is Something About Miriam’. The show about a beautiful transexual woman. Ever wondered what happen post show!

We were talking ‘The Bachelor’ in the office today and doing the classic “What do you think of the new bachelor?”. Overall we think he is a very good looking, respectable gentleman. It’s safe to say, the way reality TV goes, he will have a deep secret and his reputation will be a bad one by the end of the show.

While we were all swooning over Sam Wood, the new bachelor, (and googling ‘Sam Wood Topless), we started talking about other contestants and googling to find out where they were, post reality fame. Bree, one of our digital girls brought up ‘Miriam’ and most of the office collectively went “OH MY GOD…I remember that show”

We then all jumped google and spent the last hour trying to find out where the star of ‘There Is Something About Miriam’ is now.

For those who are unsure of what exactly I am talking about, back in 2003 the UK aired a very controversial show for it’s time (which made it’s way to Australian TV). The star was Miriam. She was a gorgeous girl, who of course had a dark secret (That wasn’t that dark). She was born a man.

Our search wasn’t that great, hence spending the last hour on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and just about every social channel you can find.

We were gutted.

However we did find out the following:

2004 -  She was in Big Brother Australia (totally forgot about that)
2004 - A documentary about her life was commissioned, but nothing ever was aired.
2007 - She was attacked and thrown from her 4th floor New York apartment window. She suffered two broken legs and minor brain damage. She had a successful recovery.
2010 - It was reported that Miriam was an escort earning $450 an hour

We did manage to find a Facebook account that appears to be hers. Not a great deal of activity on the page. There are some absolutely stunning photo’s of her, she hasn'y aged at all. It seems like she is now living in Miami, Florida.

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