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The Block's Daz & Dea Reveal What Tim & Anastasia Are REALLY Like!

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Things are really heating up on The Block Triple Threat!

Yesterday, Tim and Anastasia lashed out at the show producers, saying that they've been wrongly painted as the villains.

Now, rivals Daz and Dea have spoken out about what it's really like working with the couple.

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Speaking to Dan & Maz this morning, Darren and Deanne revealed that there may be some truth to what we're seeing on our screens.

“I think that where there’s smoke there’s fire,” Dea said.

“It’s really easy to blame the show and blame the editing... we know first hand that the editing can be a bit harsh and it’s confronting to watch."

"But we’re not seeing anything that didn’t happen," she added.

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Daz had some compassion for the couple, however, saying that they've found being on the reality show quite difficult.

“I’m sure they’re great people back home and around their friends but I think they’ve found the whole Block process pretty tough.”

Darren also spoke about how he's doing after undergoing major surgery to remove a lesion from his brain after a cancer scare.

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“I feel fine,” he said

“I’m just a little bit tired from the operation still so I’ve just gotta recover at home and take it easy, and slowly get back into things.”

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