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The Block's Tim & Anastasia Slam Show Producers

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The Block Triple Threat star Tim has spoken out against show producers, saying they've painted him and wife Anastasia as the bad guys of the series.

The Adelaide couple already has a bit of a reputation for stirring the pot after they asked their waterproofer not to work for another team and used the same seagrass wallpaper as rivals Deanne and Darren.

Tim, a general manager, is now worried his professional reputation will suffer after being edited to look like a villain on the hit renovation show.

“We are not being portrayed in a great light at the moment,” he told AAP.

“A lot of the customers who you deal with, they all watch the show because they’re excited to see people they know on TV and suddenly they go ‘oh, I didn’t realise they were like that’.”

“That is really disappointing.”


This week, Tim and Anastasia ask for a wine audit to find out how much Deanne and Darren have been spending on wine, but he insists they weren't the only couple pushing for it.

“The reality is everyone was involved in it but I have no doubt that we will be the only ones who will be shown in it,” Tim said.

“Lots of scenarios like that have happened throughout the show and it will be interesting to see whether they want to make us out to look like the a***holes this year or whether they show us for what we really are and what we’ve said.”

“That’s what our concern is and that’s what I guess worries me.”

Tim also said he’s disappointed that he was made to look like a liar during the elimination rounds.

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Tags: Scoopla, TV, The Block, The Block Triple Threat, Tim & Anastasia

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