Posted: 18 May, 2015 by @SarahBol

Chris Hemsworth Returns To Summer Bay!

Hollywood Star Makes Cameo Appearance!

Chris Hemsworth has returned to Home and Away – but only briefly.

The Hollywood actor – show started out on the soap stopped by his old stomping ground last year to visit his former castmates – and jumped into a scene as an extra!

The episode, which will air on Tuesday, has the 31-year-old star sitting in the background eating a burger and milkshake at the famous Summer Bay diner!

Chris might be staring in Hollywood blockbusters but he’s remained grateful for his time on the iconic television series.

“I loved Home and Away and I credit everything I do to it,” he has said of his time on the soap.

“I was 19 when I started working on that show. I had such a great time.”

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