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What Does ‘MasterChef’ Do With All The Leftover Food?

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It's the burning question most of us want to know... what happens to all the uneaten food on MasterChef?

Well, it's been revealed that the leftover ingredients from the impressive pantry don't go the hungry camera crew, and not even to our favourite TV judges, Gary Mehigan, George Colombaris and Matt Preston.

Instead, most of the produce is sent to SecondBite, a charity that provides around 40,000 fresh, nutritious meals every day for Australians in need.

According to, common ingredients SecondBite receives from the hit cooking show include bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, stone fruits as well as proteins and dairy.

And depending on the MasterChef challenge, they could provide up to a palette of food!

Anything else that's leftover is used to test recipes for the MasterChef website and contestants are allowed to take some ingredients home to practice.

“If they think the answer is no, then it won’t be sold. But if the produce manager would still eat it, then SecondBite would be willing to collect it and distribute it to those in need.”

So, there's no wastage going on in that kitchen!

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