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Yet Another Masterchef Contestant In Cooking Controversy

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It was only last week when Masterchef fan favourite Mario Montecuollo was booted off the show after he was found to have had previous cooking experience.

But now another contestant is under the thumb with fans of the show calling him 'experienced' and definately not a 'novice'.

The rules of the show clearly state that any sort of experience, whether it be interning in a kitchen or anything in a commercial sense will result in the contestant being disqualified.

Reynold Poernomo has caused a stir after his apple dessert made of frozen chocolate mousse, dipped in ganache and red coacoa butter that stunned the judges.

There now appears to be a fan uproar questioning if the 20-year-old is "over qualified" on the show that is meant for amateur cooks.

Poernomo comes from a family that has lots of experience in cooking.  His mother owns Sydney patisserie Artplate and his older brother is a judge on Masterchef Indonesia.

It's also been revealed that Poernomo has worked as a kitchen hand at his mother's café - which is where fans have attacked Network Ten for breaking the rules of the show.

On the official Facebook page comments were being made by angry fans, with one writing "You want to make us believe his mum only let him do the pots in her restaurant? This guy is more than just a home cook."

However producers on the show have downplayed any complaints, and released the following statement.

"Both Shine Australia and Network Ten take the rules of the competition very seriously with regard to cooks being of an amateur status,” the rep said. “Producers were made aware during the audition process that 2015 Top 24 contestant Reynold Poernomo’s family work in the food industry and that his elder brother Arnold is a judge on MasterChef Indonesia. The two programs are produced entirely separately and Reynold and his family have been very transparent in sharing all relevant information. All parties are satisfied that Reynold meets the criteria as an amateur home cook and is 100 per cent eligible to take part in the competition."

Storm in a teacup or are fans of the show upset for a valid reason?

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