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MasterChef Fans Outraged As Judge Caught Giving Clues To Contestant

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MasterChef has some explaining to do after one of the judges "helped" a contestant avoid last night's elimination.

Competing in the elimination mystery box challenge, Melbourne medical scientist Jacqui Ackland admits she her creativity had run out. 

The 40-year-old mum of two dished up undercooked lasagne and overcooked scampi, which ultimately got her booted.

But Jacqui wasn't the only contestant who struggled... Sydney recruitment specialist Stephen Rooney scrapped his final dish with just seven minutes to go and started again after judge Gary Mehigan told him he had his chocolate mousse recipe wrong.

Gary's advice ultimately helped the 31-year-old secure his position in the competition, but now fans are calling the decision "unfair."

"I am angry because Gary told [Stephen] that the ingredients for his choc mousse were all wrong??? Ummm excuse me this is an elimination, judges should not be helping!!!" Grace said on the MasterChef Australia Facebook page.

"It was only good because Gary told him he was making it wrong and gave him a chance to fix it...not really fair to the others especially in an elimination challenge," Cassandra added.

"So unfair. If Gary likes you, you're in. Stephen has been hiding behind others too often and having plenty of on-camera chat when he is clueless," said Sally.

One fan even suggested it was a strategic move to even up the contestant gender ratio.

"I guess the judges were under pressure to get rid of a female. The ratio between men and women has been lopsided this year." 

Speaking to NewsCorp Australia, Jacqui said she was "so in the zone" that she didn't even realise Stephen had been given advice.

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