Posted: 21 September, 2015 by Carly Heading

Are Sam And Snez Sharing Too Much? This Photo Might Make You Say Yes

Cute or too much?

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Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski, from The Bachelor have officially made up for lost time and aren’t holding back when it comes to sharing about their relationship… and maybe they’ve gone a little too far!

The Bachelor only finished on TV less than a week ago, but it’s safe to say the new couple are enjoying their time together!

The cute couple posted a picture on Instagram and everyone is talking about it!

Making Sam do selfies! He looks happy🙊😂😂😂 #selfies #becausehelovesme #thebachelorau

A photo posted by S N E Z A N A (@snezanamarkoski) on

While it just looks like a super cute mirror couple photo, if you look closely you can see that Sam’s belt is undone… oops!

Sam also posted a picture of Snez in bed.


We can’t blame them though, they had to hide their relationship for months while the show was airing on TV!

❤️ a man I can always lean on! #boyfriend #bestfriend

A photo posted by S N E Z A N A (@snezanamarkoski) on

It must be nice to be free and open about it... but maybe they’re being a little too open?

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