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Massive ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoiler Accidentally Revealed


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Well, The Bachelorette day is finally here! Tonight we meet the 14 men that could be Sam Frost’s ‘Mr Right’… but did Sam just give it all away?

Sam spoke to Carly & Dane from StarFM Griffith this morning and Sam may have given away a little too much….

She said it took awhile for her to be keen on the idea of the show.

The producers promised that there would be no douche bags… but by the promos, that doesn’t seem the case!

Her type is someone that she is attracted to but also someone that she can have laugh with …

Will Sam Frost find true love with one of these bachelors? 🌹#BacheloretteAU

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When asked if she has found that in the last guy, she revealed that she never went into the show thinking she was going to marry the guy she chose....

She doesn’t want to give away a massive spoiler, but there is definitely no engagement at the end!


Sam says she wants to try the relationship in the outside world first and see how they go… so basically she is still with the guy now!

We can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode.

Who could be the lucky guy?

Listen to the interview here! 

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