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There’s An Exact Replica Cafe Of Central Perk And It’s PERFECTION!


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Since 1994, fans of Friends have been on the search for a cafe that feels as homey and awesome as Central Perk. Well, start booking your flights to England, because this might just be the closest we will ever come! 

Behold Central Perk in Liverpool and Chester! 

The cafe includes the famous orange couch, neon signs, Central Perk logo and even has open mic night for all the aspiring Phoebe Buffays. 

Seriously just look at these pictures, they have replicated the interior down to a T! 

I see what they did there! 

The one difference? TVs are fitted to the walls so you can watch Friends! 


And this ain’t no pop-up, it’s there to stay! But now we’re like….um where’s the Australian branch!? WE NEED THIS! 

Animated GIF

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Tags: scoopla, tv, life, Friends, Central Perk

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