Posted: 25 January, 2016 by Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

Don't Panic, But Your Fave Childhood Show 'Cheez TV' Is Coming Back!

Our dreams have come true

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Prepare to relive the best moments of your childhood, because this is the most exciting news EVER!

Don’t deny it – some of the best moments of your childhood were waking up each morning to the totally awesome and fantastic Cheez TV, so you could get away with watching as many of your favourite cartoons as you possibly could. We’re talking about Rugrats, Dragon Ball Z, X-Men, Garfield, Sailor Moon, Pokemon…In other words, some of the best cartoons EVER!


DBZ is a personal fave of mine, so this news has me over the moon! Work and early adult life gets so hectic that sometimes I just wish I could revert to my child self and wake up to cartoons instead of a sh*t load of tasks…

In a New Year’s miracle, my dream has been answered – because CHEEZ TV IS COMING BACK!

Hey guys! Ryan & Jade here welcoming you to the official Cheez TV Facebook page. Recently we discovered our coveted...

Posted by Cheez TV on Friday, January 22, 2016

No, not in some new and improved way, because that’s not possible. The real deal is returning to our devices to let us relive the shows greatest moments.

One of the shows hosts, Ryan Lappin, found some long-lost production tapes (because Channel Ten decided to play the devil and destroy their copies!) in his garage and decided to “give something back after all the support from fans we’ve had over the years.

Aussie music artist Allday was even a fan of the segment, so you’re not allowed to think you’re geeky (in our opinion, you’re tops).

I wonder what Jade & Ryan from Cheez TV are doing now? Those guys were the best.

Posted by Allday on Friday, October 26, 2012

Reaching out to his co-host Jade Gatt, the two have teamed up to grace our lives with these majestic tapes of forgotten childhood fantasies, and we couldn’t be happier than right now! It's got us feeling like...


This means that we’ll get to see all the old episodes, behind-the-scenes footage and pics whenever we want! For example: when you’re having the worst day fathomable, you can just pop straight onto their Facebook fan page and be lifted by the simple, beautiful memories of Cheez TV times.

Here's just a snippet of what we'll be getting!

WATCH: Cheez TV from December 4th, 1995.LIKE our page if you were a Cheezoid!

Posted by Cheez TV on Sunday, January 24, 2016

If this news hasn’t put a huge smile on your face, then we’re sorry you never had a Cheez TV childhood… In which case, you should check out ALL of the content these guys will bless us with to make up for your loss. 


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