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15 Facts About The Simpsons You Didn’t Know

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Don't be strange, The Simpsons was, is, and always will be your favourite show. But no matter how many times you've binge watched, you probably still don't know these facts.

You know every line ('till season 10); you can think of a relevant quote for almost every single conversation you have with someone... and if that person doesn't get it, it's instantly obvious you're not going to be bffs; it's the root of practically everything useful you've ever learned; and, now that you're a bit older, you get all the innuendos, which are none other than brilliant. 

Regardless to all that, however, there are still some facts that even the biggest fans don't know. So, if you're looking to up your Simpsons trivia game, we suggest you take notes. 


1. FOX owns the rights to the Simpsons until 2082. 


2. In the Simpsons, God and Jesus are the only characters ever shown with all 5 fingers. 

3. Matt Groening was once strip searched in airport security. As he was lead away, a little boy laughed at him like Nelson. Groening found the mockery the worst part of the incident.

4. The term "meh" as an indifferent response gained popularity in the modern lexicon after its use on the Simpsons.

5. Krusty the Clown was supposed to be revealed as Homer Simpson's secret identity but the idea was dropped being too complex. 


6. Lenny and Carl from the Simpsons both have master degree's in Nuclear physics. 


7. When played together, the McBain clips from the Simpsons form a coherent mini-movie. 


8. There is a rarely seen room in the Simpsons home. The rumpus room. 


9. As a 'technical supervisor' and the appointed safety inspector, Homer also makes less than $25k a year. 

10. The Simpsons' episode 'The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show' was the writers' response to Fox requestion they add another character to the family to freshen up the series; a move the writers saw as desperate. 


11. Lisa Simpson remains a vegetarian as a promise from the show's staff to Paul McCartney. 


12. Tomacco from the Simpsons actually exists. The tomatoes grown have nicotine in them. 

13. There was no winner for the 'Who Shot Mr. Burns' contest on the Simpsons. The contest rules said that a winner would be selected from the pool of people who guessed correctly, but there were no correct guesses. 

14. The Simpsons episode where Bart gets an elephant was based on a real Price is Right incident in 1956. 

15. The Simpsons producer's contract allows them to write the show without interference from Fox. This allows them to make fun of the network. 

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