Posted: 20 January, 2016 by @jus_hill

Osher Gunsberg Reveals He's Pashed A Guy Or Two

Let's face it. Osher Gunsberg and his hair are the envy of most of us. When he appears on our TV screens hosting The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and gives you that winning smile, don't you wish he was handing us a rose?

Or is that just us?

Anyway, now Osh is waking up Brisbane with his dulcet tones each morning, LOTS of people are finding out more about our favourite TV host including how he feels about sexual fluidity.

After being hooked up to a buzzer and asked potentially embarrassing questions, Osher was quizzed by his Hit105 brekky co-host Abby if he'd ever hooked up with a guy and without missing a beat, he gave a very refreshing answer.

Check it out below...

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