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Will Matthew Perry Be On The Friends Reunion Or Not? He Finally Clears Things Up

It won't be the same without Chandler!

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The long awaited Friends reunion is finally happening, but after our initial excitement we were all shocked and disappointed to discover that Matthew Perry (Chandler) would not be part of it. 

The reason given was that he would be busy rehearsing for a West End play – and now he’s confirmed that he won’t be there in person.

"It's not the reunion everyone is hoping for," he admitted during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show. "They are celebrating Jim Burrows who was a director of Friends." 

But don’t stress, because he will still be involved! 

"The other five are going to be on this special and I am going to introduce them from London. I’m doing the play here so I can’t be there."

We are so relieved that Matthew isn't completely ditching the reunion, but we wish he could be there in person.

Matthew also took part in a Friends quiz, and did very well:

Matthew Perry Takes The Friends Apartment Quiz - The Graham Norton Show


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