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Concerns Over One Contestant’s Dramatic Weight loss On ‘I’m A Celeb’

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The celebrities are eating rice and beans every day, however, the change of diet is definitely affecting some more than others.

Particularly the bigger guys like Paul Harragon. 

The former footy star has lost the most weight with a whopping 10.8kgs so far, closely followed by Shane Warne who’s lost 9.3kgs.

Living in the South African jungle, Harragon hasn't been able to keep up his usual fitness routine which has contributed to the dramatic loss of muscle weight. 

Channel 10's head of entertainment and factual programming, Stephan Tate has stated:

"All of the celebrities have lost weight in a healthy way. Eight hundred calories per day and almost no sugar or alcohol seems to agree with them... their eyes are sparkling and their skin is clearer."

However, Doctor Sam Hay, the medic who checked out the celebs before the show, has voiced the dangers of the extreme diet in the long run:  

“Their diet is 30% to 50% of what they are usually on, which is safe for a short period of time. I’m surprised that the blokes have lost that much but it is a combination of fat and muscle and being the biggest physically in there, they are going to be relying on their fat stores to keep their energy levels up.

This is obviously an extreme diet… If they were to keep this up after the jungle, they would run into health concerns. For the short term, it has an effect, but in the long term it is not safe. It’s a highlight to everyone out there that if you exercise and cut down your calories, you will lose weight.”

Check out the weight-loss percentage of all the contestants below! 

1. Paul Harragon: 9.7%

2. Shane Warne: 9.67%

3. Brendan Fevola: 8.48%

4. Dean Geyer: 6.78%

5. Val Lehman: 5.9%

6. Jo Beth Taylor: 4.02%

7. Anthony Callea: 3.93%

8. Laurina Fleure: 3.1%

9. Havana Brown: 1.77%



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