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MKR Villain Jessica Tichonczuk Speaks About The “Incident”

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Last night was the My Kitchen Rules "incident" we've all been waiting for. Gym junkie and harsh scorer Jessica Tichonczuk stirred the pot like never before. 

However, according to the "extreme eater", she has absolutely zero regrets after explicitly antagonising judge Manu and fellow chefs over their diet preferences. 

After a full hour of what looked like Jessica had accidentally swallowed something rotten, the health fanatic stressed her anxiety about the meal and explained that it was far too carb-heavy, and garnished with icing sugar; regardless of the fact that all dishes served up by Martino Convertino and Luciano Ippoliti were described as "perfection on a plate". 

After a lengthy explanation of what she sees to be a "cheat meal", including carbs, chocolate or anything deep-fried, Jessica then continued to go on and imply that French chef Manu's diet was "unhealthy". 

Speaking to News Corp Australia, the MKR "villain" opened up about what it's like to face criticism for her healthy eating choices, however, with judge Pete Evans being a paleo, she's received quite a lot of support behind the scenes. 

"Pete and I have talked about it and I cannot even begin to imagine [the criticism he's faced]. He would be a little more used to it, but there's only so much you can take before you feel a tiny bit deflated.

You know what? We eat healthy, we fuel our bodies for success, our minds work fast and you can get over [criticism] fast too."

She also spoke out about her given title, "MKR Villain":

"What I'm doing isn't wrong, so if that makes me a villain... if what I was doing was wrong I might feel bad about it, but no, Australia really needs to change." 

This morning while speaking to Rove & Sam, Jessica admitted to having a "confronting" way of telling it how it is, however, she also opened up about unfortunate personal issues she was having to deal with while filming. 

"Some sudden deaths," occured in Jessica's close family around the same time. 

What are you thoughts on Jessica "the villain" Tichonczuk? Does she go too far? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

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