Posted: 25 October, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Brother Of Davidson Woman Gassed To Death Is Demanding Answers

“Why didn’t they help my sister?"

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Last week, a family-of-four from Davidson NSW were found dead in their home after being gas poisoned. Now, the brother of the woman in the family is asking why her cries for help were never answered.

Police say Maria Claudia Lutz, her husband Fernando Manrique and their two severely autistic children were gassed in their home last Monday in an event that was “extensive, elaborate and well-planned." A few days before they were found, a neighbour claims to have seen Fernando tampering with the pipes in the roof.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the mother was calling family services “nine times a day” hoping to find assistance in looking after her two children, who were 10 and 11 years old.

A source told the publication that her brother, Juan, “is deeply upset by the death of her sister and wants to know why the relationship between Family and Community Services broke down.

“He was very close to Maria and, as a father himself, adored Elisa and Martin. He longed for them all to come back to Colombia to be close to family.”

Maria was “a broken woman”, a friend of the family told The Daily Telegraph. She “was so anxious and depressed that if [the Family of Community and Services] called to change an appointment or cancel [then] it threw her.”

Police are carrying out extensive forensic testing on the bodies to determine the exact cause of death.

Tags: Davidson, family, death, gassed

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