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Father Who Kept Daughter As Sex Slave Sentenced To 36 Years In Jail

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A "depraved and sadistic" father and mother who sexually abused their youngest daughter from the age of five to 19 have been sentenced to long jail terms.

WARNING: this article contains details that may distress those affected by abuse.

The NSW parents, who cannot be identified, subjected their child to sustained abuse and torture so graphic that most details are too horrid to be published.

The father began abusing the girl when she was only five.

Judge Sarah Huggett in Sydney's District Court sentenced him to at least 36 years in prison over 73 counts relating to the shocking abuse on Friday.

Judge Huggett said the father, 59, may die in jail.

The mother was sentenced to a minimum 11 years for 13 offences.

Both were found guilty in June following a trial which ran for several months.

On Thursday, harrowing accounts of their shocking abuse, which included rape with sharp metal tools, were detailed by Judge Huggett.

The father had also held the girl's head under freezing water in a creek, forced her to eat hot chillies while bound in the shed and had threatened her with a machete and a running chainsaw.

"It is atrocious in the extreme," Judge Huggett said on Friday.

The father was described as "selfish, depraved and sadistic", and arrogant with an inflated ego.

"People were hoodwinked as to his true nature," Judge Huggett said.

The girl has developed several disorders stemming from complex childhood trauma and requires ongoing counselling and sporadic treatment in hospital.

She suffers frequent nightmares and flashbacks so bad she struggles to remain employed, study or enjoy relationships, Judge Huggett said.

She experiences pain in her ribs, spine and knees due to the abuse she has suffered, the court heard.

"She will suffer the consequences of his despicable and horrible conduct for the rest of her life," the judge said.

Both parents deny their guilt and the father had shown no remorse, she said.

With time served, the father will first be eligible for release in October 2049, while the mother can first apply for parole in June 2027.


Tags: mother, father, daughter, rape, abuse

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