Posted: 14 October, 2016

Nurse Accidentally Chops Off Baby's Finger

A nurse accidentally sliced off the baby's finger with scissors.

A baby has had her fingertip accidentally cut off in a New Zealand hospital, the NZ Herald reports.

The accident happened at Waikato Hospital in Hamilton when Lilly, 3, had a tube inserted in her left hand for fluids – with part of the tube taped to her pinky.

When a nurse removed the tube with scissors, she accidentally sliced the tip of Lilly’s finger off.

The finger was reattached, but Lilly's mother said the surgery did not take, and the fingertip had gone black.

Neonatal intensive care clinical director Dr David Bourchier confirmed the incident:

"We acknowledge this is very distressing for the family and we have apologised to the parents. This kind of incident is very unusual and we are treating it very seriously.

"We are undertaking our own internal review and will share the findings with the parents. The incident is also the subject of an HDC [Health and Disability Commissioner] complaint."

Image: Pexels

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