Posted: 12 October, 2016 by @amydrewsnews/ Taylah Webb

Report Reveals The Best Countries In The World To Be A Female

A report released by Save the Children has shown where it is best to be a female.

The study analysed issues that affect girls and women, and ranked 144 countries by their "opportunity to control their own lives and to fulfil their potential”.

Sweden was named as the number one best place to be a woman, while Niger was ranked last.

Most of us would think Australia would have to make the top 5, right? Wrong.

Sadly, Australia was ranked 21, behind the UK at 15, and Canada at 19.

Even sadder still, the US ranked at 32, behind Kazakhstan and Algeria.

Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium make up the top 5, while Somalia, Mali, Central African Republic, and Chad round out the bottom 5.

The key contributors to the scores were adolescent fertility, child marriage, maternal mortality, lower-secondary school completion and women MP’s.

According to the report, the reason Australia isn’t doing so well is due to the low number of female MP’s, and high adolescent fertility rate.

The full eye-opening report can be found at

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