Posted: 19 October, 2016 by @Nikki_Markovics

Your GP Is About To Charge You MORE For A Check Up

Doctors turning their backs on bulk billing

Expect to shell out more for a visit to your doctor from next month. 

GPs are bumping up their standard consult fees to $78 from November 1 and you'll find it more difficult to track down a cheaper option as doctors abandon bulk billing.

The Australian Medical Association's behind the push to bump up the fees.

In addition, the Federal Government has frozen the Medicare rebate at $37.05 which means seeing your doctor for less than 20 minutes will leave you around $41 out of pocket once you claim your visit.

The Turnbull Government is expected to come underfire for the price hike, after the PM went on tape, claiming Aussies would not pay more to see their GPs due to the freeze.

Malcolm Turnbull was quick to correct himself though, "doctors can charge what they like. If a doctor chooses to charge his or her patients $15 or $10 more or $20 more, that’s not because indexation has not resumed - it’s because they want to charge $15 or $20 more," he said.

While Medicare's own stats show out of pocket expenses to see a GP are rising at 6.5 per cent a year, that's more than six times the inflation rate.

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