Posted: 25 November, 2016

A Warning To Aussie Tourists In Bali: “You’ve Got To Be Careful”

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An Indonesian security expert has spoken out in the wake of Perth teenager Jamie Murphy’s arrest in Bali.

Mark Briskey, a former senior legal attache at the Australian embassy in Jakarta said that it isn’t uncommon for undercover police to entrap tourists.

“An American fellow a little while back was charged with possession of marijuana, which in fact was literally grass clippings,” Dr Briskey told AAP.

“The only safe option is to buy a bottle of Bintang and have your fun that way,” Dr Briskey said. 

“You’ve got to be careful.”

18-year-old Jamie Murphy was arrested in Bali earlier this week after security guards allegedly found a packet of white powder amongst his possessions. The powder was later found to be a mix of painkillers and cold medication.  

An American filmmaker this week shared a video of himself being pulled over by Balinese police while riding a scooter. He said the police tried to fine him $150 for not wearing a helmet.

“The Bali police pulled me over and said I wasn’t wearing a helmet, and I didn’t have an international driver’s license and tried to take 1.5 million ($A150.44) of their dollars from me,” Sawyer Hartman said a video.

“I tried to tell them I didn’t have the money, I have a credit card ... he ended up taking my wallet out, he looked in my wallet, saw I had 200,000 ($A20) in cash, took the cash out of my wallet and said, ‘go, go’.”

The Smart Traveller website advises tourists to maintain a high degree of caution when visiting Indonesia. In particular visitors "should be aware of the specific risks from crime, including sexual assault,  drink-spiking and consumption of alcohol adulterated with harmful substances such as methanol". The website also notes that "petty crime, such as opportunistic theft, is common in Indonesia. Thieves on motorcycles may snatch handbags and backpacks from pedestrians. Tourists may be exposed to scams and confidence tricks in Indonesia."

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