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Aussie Teen Arrested In Bali Has Been Released

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The Perth teenager who was arrested in Bali has been released.

18-year-old Jamie Murphy was being held at a Kuta police station after security at the Sky Garden nightclub allegedly found a packet of white powder amongst his belongings.

Police tested the powder and discovered it was a mixture of painkillers, caffeine and cold medication. Drug tests on Mr Murphy also came back negative. It is expected that he will return home soon, after walking free from the police station.

Kuta Police Chief Wayan Sumara told reporters that Mr Murphy had bought the powder off a man on the street. 

"He wasn't sure at the time (what it was) ... He is a teenager. He wanted to know what it is... He then tried it in the room, he drank, mixed it together."

Mr Murphy felt sick after trying the mixture, but later went out to Sky Garden with a group of friends.

Sky Garden has issued a statement apologising to Mr Murphy for how he was treated by their security.

"Regarding the complaints we received about the apparent rough treatment of Jamie by our security at the mobile police station, we would like to extend our sincere apology to Jamie, his family, and friends,” they said.

"Our company procedure is to simply hand over suspects ‘peacefully’ to police if we feel they’ve committed a crime at Sky Garden. We have reprimanded the security in question, and he will not be permitted to come back to work until he has completed & passed another round of police security training.

"We only want to add, that in his defense he was order (sic) to hold Jamie’s face up so the police could take his photo related to the detainment; however, we too feel he used too much ‘excessive force’, which is clearly unacceptable under an (sic) circumstances.

"We would also like to extend our special thanks to the Bali Police for clearing up this case in such a professional & timely manner. We wish the local police great success in apprehending these ‘bad people on the street’ who’ve caused everyone such discomfort & inconvenience.

"On a final note, we wish everyone a safe and trouble-free 2016 Schoolies Celebration!"

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