Posted: 15 November, 2016 by AAP

Sydney Crime Kingpin Gunned Down On Suburban Street

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A man executed on a suburban street is believed to a member of a family linked to Sydney's criminal underworld.

Police found the man, believed to be 35-year-old Pasquale Barbaro, on an Earlwood footpath after being alerted to a shooting at about 9.40pm on Monday.

Early investigations suggest it was a targeted attack and Larkhall Street was cordoned off on Tuesday as forensic teams examined the area.

Barbaro's grandfather and cousin were both killed in gangland hits and there had been unconfirmed rumours Pasquale Barbaro was an informant for the NSW Crime Commission.

Gabriela Pintos lives at the end of street and said she heard gunshots late at night.

"We heard the gunshots ... another maybe four gunshots and a couple of minutes later there was someone screaming," she told AAP.

Another resident told AAP he heard as a many as seven really loud bangs in two bursts and saw a car speed away.

"You knew straight away what it was ...I looked out the front and saw a car speed off," the man, who wanted to be identified as John, said.

Witnesses also reported seeing a car with three or four men wearing hoodies parked nearby ahead of the shooting.

Meanwhile, a burnt out Audi Q7 was found in the nearby suburb of Concord and could be linked to the killing.

The death comes two weeks after another crime figure, Hamad Assaad, was shot dead outside his Georges Hall home.

Mr Assaad was a key suspect in the execution of standover man Walid Ahmad at a Bankstown shopping centre in April.

That killing was thought to be in retaliation for the shooting homicide of Safwan Charbaji outside a nearby panel beater two weeks earlier.

Pasquale Barbaro's grandfather Peter Pasquale Barbaro was gunned down in Brisbane in 1990 while his cousin Pat Barbaro was shot dead in a carpark in Melbourne in 2003.

Another cousin, also called Pasquale, was involved in what was described as the world's biggest ecstasy bust.

Some 15 million pills were hidden inside tinned tomatoes and shipped by the Calabrian mafia from Italy to Melbourne.

Tags: Sydney, Pasquale, Barbaro

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