Posted: 30 November, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Toddler ‘Soaked In Blood’ After Horrific Sydney Food Court Explosion

The explosion injured 16 people Tuesday night.

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Image: 7 News

Horrific details have surfaced after an explosion injured 16 people, including two children, in a Sydney food court Tuesday night.

At about 7:40pm 200 people were evacuated after a gas main explosion occurred in the loading dock of a Haymarket building’s food court in Sydney’s Chinatown district. 

A NSW Fire and Rescue spokesperson described the smoke “pouring” from area while fire trucks and ambulances filled the popular restaurant strip. The blast’s force caused windows to shatter and a door to completely blow out.

Two children and 14 adults were injured by flying glass and debris, with seven people taken to hospital. A toddler was said to be the most seriously injured.

Speaking to 7 News, a witness said they heard “a loud bang that sounded like a truck crashing” before hearing a man screaming. Another said, “people on the other side are a bit injured. They have big chunks out of their head.”

Another witness, Shannon Browning also told 7 News that the injured toddler had nasty gashes on his forehead and a cloth over his head that was soaked in blood.

Investigations are now underway to figure out what caused the explosion.

Tags: Sydney, Haymarket, Chinatown, gas, explosion, injured

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