Posted: 29 November, 2016

What Is The Correct Day To Put Up Your Christmas Tree?

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When should you put up your Christmas tree? December 1st? Twelve days before Christmas?

You’ll probably come across some friends who have strong opinions on this topic, but it turns out there really isn’t a correct day to start decorating your tree. 

Monash University Professor Gary Bouma, sociologist on religious diversity, told Fairfax that it’s more about what you did when you were growing up than any other influences.

"It really is what you grew up with, but for some of us it is also when you have the time to throw the thing up," Professor Bouma said.

If you’re looking for a bit of guidance as to when to put up your tree, here are a few ideas: 

December 1st

For many people this is seen as the ultimate day to put up a Christmas tree, and in Australia it has become increasingly common. If you’re using a fake tree you shouldn’t have any issues. Cut trees can last up to four weeks, but you’ll need to put it in a base with plenty of water to prevent it from drying out before Christmas. 

Twelve days before Christmas

For those with a traditional mind, 12 days before Christmas (13 December) is the classic day to put up your tree. While this tradition may be associated with the song Twelve Days Of Christmas, the days in the song are actually thought to start with Christmas Day and lead through until January. 

Christmas Eve

This isn’t just for people who have run out of time. Some Christian traditions dictate that Christmas Eve is the correct day to decorate your tree. 

Whenever you have time

The reality for most of us will be that we’ll get our tree decorated whenever we have time. So don’t worry if you’re early or late – as long as it’s up before Christmas Day you’ll be fine.

Of course if you run a retail outlet you probably put your decorations up two months ago.

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